Malvern Hills

Its beautiful when the light hits the hills just right and today was one of those days. With the grass glowing gold I decided to paint a large 20x24", see below:


Artist in Residence coming soon...

Painting Gloucester Docks and Painswick Beacon

Spent a great day painting at Gloucester docks during the food festival then venturing up to Painswick Beacon with beautiful views towards the severn estuary and Malverns on the right. Below are 2 of the paintings completed on the day, a small 8x10" and large 20x24"


Cotswolds Lavender

A day in the beautiful Cotswolds. My second year painting at the amazing Cotswold Lavender, amazing fields of purple with distant hills, perfect place to paint, however it was the hottest day of the year so far at 30 degrees, hurt a little but managed to produce the below.


Mathon Hay Stacks

Painting when its 29degrees is a little uncomfortable but managed to get out and do a large 20x24" painting of some beautiful haystacks in Mathon, near Cradley.

Symonds Yat Rock

Its most certainly the summer now with all the hot weather we are having. I managed to find some shade however in one of the most beautiful places in Gloucestershire, Symonds Yat Rock. See below a few shots from the days painting, a 20x24" piece and 8x10 small pochade study.