Geo Centre Day 2

2nd day painting on the hills with the Geo Centre. Only managed to get one piece done as the second painting location I decided to paint on a flying ants nest who were not happy I was painting their view at all and told me to move along. All work on show at the Geo centre cafe.


Artist in Residence at the Malvern Geo Centre and Cafe

Its been a great first day painting around the Geo centre in Malvern for my artist in residence. Painting Malvern most days anyway it doesn't feel to different! The Geo centre is a great place to base yourself for the day to have coffee, go for a walk then a light lunch while reading over how the hills and geo parkway were all formed, along with local fossils to look at.

Painting went well on day one with lots of nice people stopping to chat (Thanks to one for the great photo below). I finally managed to paint the beautiful Rosebay willow herb which is all over the hills at the moment, great magenta colour.