The Artist Magazine Questions from 2012

In 2012 I was asked some questions that went into an article in the Artist Magazine. Here are a few for you to read.

1. Why do you paint outside?
I paint outside to capture the very essence of the landscape itself, to see the landscape first hand and feel everything within it at that very moment.

2. Why/how do you paint outside when its cold, raining, too hot etc?
Always wear the correct clothing, its essential as you need to feel comfy to paint for the day, as soon as the -12degree wind gets you, you'll be off on your way home.

3. Why don't you just paint everything inside from photographs?
Paintings from photos can be very souless, lack the feeling and energy of a place. You can see from painters paintings who has painted outside.

4. How long have you been painting en plein air?
Since 2006 I think I painted my very first pochade which was awful, its always a struggle.

5. What does plein air work add to a painting?
For me it adds energy, life, passion into a painting.

6. Do you or can you achieve everything you want by working outside?
Its hard to achieve what you have in your minds eye but that is the drive which pushes us to keep improving.

7. Who are your plein air influences?
The french impressionists.

8. Is plein air painting important to the future of painting?
I think its the most important aspect for the future of painting if its going to stay alive.

9.  Do you mind people watching?
Not at all, you get the wise crack which isn't called for but I tend to have my headphones on whilst painting so any questions I can't hear and they walk off!

10. How do you cope with people watching.
Just carry on painting and don't chat to them as the window of light is always running out!

What is your best, worst, or funniest experience while painting outside?

Whilst painting on the Malvern Hills watching a storm getting closer and closer, easel kept being blown over but I continued painting faster and faster until, downpour and had to pack up fast and run down the hill to my car over a mile away!

I would think walking 2.5miles in -12 degrees to a spot on the Malverns, as soon as I stopped I started painting but was far too cold to paint as only had my jeans on, couldn't feel my hands or feet so had to give up and walk home.

I think being surrounded by cows breathing on you and blocking the view, I'm sure on purpose so I couldn't paint!

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